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Sam Rosenberg


Sam Rosenberg has been a professional trainer in personal security since 1996-and has worked in defensive tactics, martial arts, wrestling and personal fitness since 1984.

A 1994 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Sam was a varsity team member of the school's NCAA Division I wrestling program. Sam also earned a coveted berth in the Marine Corps Officer Candidates School, where he earned a commission as a USMC Lieutenant.

On graduation, Sam began his tour of active duty with the US Marine Corps. Attached to the Marine Corps Combat Development Command, in Quantico, Virginia, he received formal training in all aspects of small-unit leadership, weapons and tactics, counter terrorism and close-quarter battle-qualifying as an expert in both rifle and pistol marksmanship.

In addition to his formal training in the Marine Corps, Sam continued his private study of personal security and defensive tactics-practicing, teaching and competing in many martial-arts styles, including Judo and Jiu-jitsu.

Following his tour with the Marine Corps, Sam worked both as a martial arts instructor and an executive protection specialist, with an emphasis on high-profile, high-risk clients. He also continued to compete in martial arts, and in 2001 entered active competition in the International Defensive Pistol Association and the International Practical Shooting Confederation.

In 2003, Sam combined this wealth of experience and training into the system known as INPAX®: a practical approach to managing physical conflict in the real world.

In addition to his role as founder and president of INPAX®, Sam is also a faculty member of the CSI - Corporate Security & Investigations Inc, Academy of Investigations and Protection; serves as a consultant in stress-inoculation training to Allegheny Singer Research Institute; and provides real-world conflict management training and support to companies, schools and non-profit organizations.

Sam was honored by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as one of Pittsburgh's 50 Finest, a group of notable business and community leaders. He also received the 2007 Tactical Instructor of the Year award from the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Sam has written widely on the management of interpersonal aggression and his views are routinely sought by the news media. His first book, entitled INPAX: The Way of the Warrior, was published in 2007, and is available for purchase on most major internet booksellers such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com and Borders.com.

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