The INPAX Self-Defense Programs.
Based in Pittsburgh, PA

The distillation of 20 years of research and real-life application, INPAX is a smart, simple
and highly effective self-defense method that does not require size, strength or years of training.

You can use INPAX immediately, and count yourself among the small percentage of
people in the world who can truly manage conflict in the real world.


The INPAX Intro Course. Know what to do. And how to do it. In 2 hours. Available as a 1-hour Individual. Or a 2-hour Group Program
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There are 5 tiers to the INPAX Mastery Courses, beginning with Tier 1 -Defense vs. Unarmed Attackers. Learn more

Corporate & Special

INPAX provides dynamic training and protection solutions for corporations, schools, government agencies and law enforcement organizations. Learn more

INPAX Self Defense training is available in private and group clinic formats, with age appropriate training available for Adults, Teens (age 13-16), and Youths (age 9-12).

Our educational programs are specifically engineered to maximize learning in the absolute minimum time, with emphasis on understanding the laws governing the use of force and understanding not just how to touch people, but when touching is justifiable, as well as, tactically appropriate.

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