INPAX Firearms Training.
Based in Pittsburgh, PA

The constitution gives you the right. Your loved ones give you the reason.
We give you the skills to use it responsibly.

Defensive Handgun Programs

Handgun Handling and Safety
Fundamentals of Defensive Handgun
Defensive Handgun Tactics
Urban Environment Tactics
Low Light Tactics

Defensive Long-Gun Programs

Introduction to Tactical Rifle
Advanced Tactical Rifle
Low-Light Tactical Rifle
Mid-Range Rifle (100-300 yards)
Long-Range Rifle (300-600 yards)

Special Firearms Programs

SimCity™ - Real World Simulation
Firearms safety, maintenance & cleaning
Justifying force
Multi-state Concealed Carry Permit Program

Owning a firearm won't make you safer. Unless, that is, you know how to use it safely and effectively

Our training classes are designed to take you from any level of proficiency (even, in fact, if you've never fired a gun in your life) to give you the skills and understanding to maintain and deploy it safely in defense of your life or those of your loved ones.

Our faculty is made up of the same instructors who teach and certify Federal agents, SWAT teams, and Executive & Dignitary Protection Teams.

Simply stated, it's the highest quality training you'll find anywhere in the country. But why trust your safety - or your family's safety - to anything less?

INPAX offers the following firearms programs:

Defensive Handgun. The DHG program prepares clients in defensive use of the revolver or semi-automatic pistol, on the street or at home.

Defensive Long-gun. For those who prefer shotguns or tactical rifles such as the AR-15 and AK-47, INPAX presents introductory and advanced courses in their use, including low-light shooting.

Seminars and Special Programs. Throughout the year, INPAX offers special events and training on a variety of topics, including a Justifying Force seminar, a MultiState Concealed Carry Permit course, and SimCity, our real world training simulations.

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