A Passion for Empowering People


In 1996, after completing a stint as a USMC Officer, INPAX founder Sam Rosenberg began a career in close protection – body guarding executives, celebrities, and dignitaries including heads-of-state such as Benjamin Netanyahu, when he was the former Prime Minister of Israel.

In 2003, INPAX was born as the direct evolution of a simple, yet profound, philosophy that originated during this time as a close protection operator.

“It’s good to have a lifeguard, but it’s better to know how to swim.”


Personal security is a fundamental human need, but ultimately an individual responsibility. Yet most people consciously or unconsciously abdicate this fundamental responsibility to the “lifeguards” of society.

Deep down, though, we all know that at the moment of truth we are on our own. There are no lifeguards...

Since 2003, it’s been our mission to enable people and organizations to make every second count by teaching the skills once reserved for elite law enforcement, military, and close protection professionals who protect public figures.

A veteran-owned company, INPAX has empowered tens of thousands of individuals across hundreds of corporations, schools, and places of worship with vital personal security skills. Eye-opening, hands-on compression training techniques are proven to teach immediate and practical skills within hours – rather than years – in ways that are engaging, and fun. INPAX methods do not require physical size, strength or endurance, nor years of continuous practice.