Dave Piatek Director of Defensive Tactics
Dave Piatek is the Director of Defensive Tactics at INPAX Academy and has been a member of the INPAX team since 2017. Dave comes to INPAX with 20 years of counseling experience, ranging from mental health and addiction counseling to working with “at-risk youth” and school guidance counseling. His most recent work found him working with veterans and people with disabilities and connecting them to productive, meaningful employment. Dave graduated from North Allegheny High School and attended University of Pittsburgh where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After working for local mental health agencies, he enrolled in graduate school and earned his master’s degree in Counseling from Slippery Rock University. He has been a life-long learner of self-defense with a background in Silat and Aikido. He also enjoys shooting sports and a wide variety of outdoor activities with his family. Dave works with INPAX because of his strong desire to teach people how to live with confidence each and every day. Whether it’s teaching defensive tactics or presenting to groups, Dave finds a way to connect with students and enhance their experience at INPAX.