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INPAX Essentials group classes teach the foundations of personal security and vital skills that every adult should be empowered with. Learn how to recognize, avoid and deter threats. Know how to decisively respond to incapacitate an attacker – whether armed or unarmed. Understand the essentials in firearm safety, handling, and use of force laws.

INPOWER – Kids Only

Most of us grew up hearing the mantra “don’t talk to strangers…” so much so, that we find ourselves repeating it reflexively to our children. Yet the notion of “Stranger Danger” can, in fact, place your kids in even greater peril. Embedded within the concept of stranger danger, is the implication that strangers are to be feared and by contrast, those we know must therefore be safe. Yet all too often this is not the case. Further, if your child should become lost, knowing how to talk to strangers is one of the most vital survival skills they possess – what is critical is knowing how to choose which strangers are safe.



INPAX youth training programs offer a practical alternative to traditional martial arts.


INPOWER – Teen and Adult

Violence is never random. Even the most desperate predator is careful in selecting his victims. And “bad guys” reliably follow a predictable 4-phase continuum of behavior in selecting and attacking their targets. The phases of this continuum can be identified by easily spotted “indicators”—if you know what to look for.