INPAX Immersion Clinics are delivered with proven compression training techniques that teach immediate and practical skills within hours – rather than years – in ways that are engaging and fun. Classes cover comprehensive, entry-level training ranging from response, escape and control tactics to active shooter response and disarming tactics. 

RADAR – Persuasion Predator Management

No one wants to be a victim. But far too many college students wind up becoming just that.

  • 1 in 5 women reported being raped during college
  • More than 90% of attacks go unreported
  • 90% of the victims knew their attacker
  • Alcohol or drugs are involved 80% of the time



ASSERT- Active Shooter Survival, Escape, and Response Tactics

When seconds count, help’s only minutes away…
Unfortunately, we are on our own. As uncomfortable as this is, it is reality. Police are society’s lifeguards, and when violence happens, they’re the ones society counts on to run to the sound of the guns, but between the time the attack is recognized, to when help is called, and when police respond there is a void – and knowing what to do during these precious moments could mean the difference between life and death.


OnGUARD- Edged and Impact Weapon Defense

Knives and other hand-held weapons pose significant danger – both in the US and abroad.


REACT - Response Escape and Control Tactics

Building upon the foundation of the INPOWER class, REACT addresses rapid response & escape maneuvers for common self-defense situations such as grabs, chokes, tackles, holds, abduction & kidnapping attempts. You will learn immediate responses to these close quarter and surprise attacks and will develop a realistic “Stun & Run” format that allows for instant response and escape.


ABROAD – Travel Security

Fools rush in, where angels dare to tread.
Gone are the days where the greatest travel concerns were your luggage and taxi driver. Terrorism, modern geopolitical factors, civil unrest, and sophisticated crime organizations have altered how we travel the world.
Abroad will teach you how to identify the early warning indicators of danger – be it “express kidnapping”, kidnapping for ransom, terrorism, or ordinary theft and street crime. You will also learn to avoid being targeted, how to blend in and what to do if you think you are being followed.
Learn the insider knowledge and skills required to travel safely domestically or abroad with confidence.