Train the Body and the Mind will Follow.

The INPAX Mastery program provides Academy Members the ultimate in physical personal security training. This ongoing, progressive development program hard-wires the skills necessary to manage even the most complex scenarios.

From armed attackers to advanced defensive firearm handling and marksmanship, Mastery courses are designed and taught by elite professionals with age-appropriate programming available for adults, teens and youth.


Defensive Tactics Foundations

The Defensive Tactics Foundations course will set you up to join our other Defensive Tactics Mastery Course. This course will teach you the more complex concepts and movements that are essential to the group classes and truly require a little more specialized attention to learn for the first time. These items include such things as:


Adult Defensive Tactics Mastery – Level 1: Primary Tactics

Previously only taught in private, one-on-one training, we have revised this curriculum to be simpler, easily learned, and immediately effective. This course is an on-going training in the primary tactics, techniques, and procedures for establishing a foundation of high skill for personal protection and combatives. This course is mandatory for those new to INPAX Defensive Tactics Mastery as it establishes the foundation of all further tactics.


Adult Defensive Tactics Mastery – Level 2: Enhanced Tactics

Diving deep into technical mastery of combatives, control techniques, personal protection, 3rd Party Protection, defense against multiple assailants, and managing attacks with weapons, this course is for those that are truly dedicated to making themselves masters of their environment and to have a jaw-dropping depth and breadth of skill.


Women’s Only Defensive Tactics Mastery

This is our Adult Defensive Tactics Level 1 course, but for women only! The skills, tactics, techniques, and procedures are all exactly the same, but in an environment of empowerment with fellow Women Warriors!


Youth Defensive Tactics Mastery

Bullies steal more than just your lunch money. This course represents what the INPAX Instructors teach their very own “tweens and teens?” This course coaches our youth how to make smart decisions, how to deny opportunity, how to de-escalate, and how to defend against various risks ranging from child predators, persuasion predators, bullies, and the other common risks our youth and young teens face today. Our children are the most susceptible to self-image issues, feelings of awkwardness, vulnerability, and peer pressure during this time in life - is absolutely critical that we teach them to Live with Confidence!