INPAX Essentials group classes teach the foundations of firearm safety, handling, and use of force laws. Learn how to recognize, avoid and deter threats. Know how to decisively respond to incapacitate an attacker – whether armed or unarmed.

Firearms Safety and Handling

This non-shooting course teaches and builds the foundation for firearms safety rules, safe and proper handling, and safe storage/transporting of firearms. These techniques will cover revolvers and semi-automatic handguns, rifles (semi-automatic, bolt action, and lever action) and shotguns (pump action, semi-automatic). Very useful for new gun owners, and people that may find themselves around firearms even if they don’t own one. Safety and proper handling are the keys to this class.


Fundamentals of Holster Safety

Due to poor training and technique, more accidents happen when drawing and holstering a firearm than almost all other cases combined. This class uses inert training pistols to teach the proper techniques of the draw stroke and re-holstering techniques from our DHG2 Carry Tactics immersion training. With good training, and a lot of repetition, clients will walk away with the confidence of holster use and safety. Holster types and selection will be discussed to help the client make smart choices when purchasing a holster.


Firearms Cleaning and Maintenance

This hands-on class will focus on field stripping, cleaning, inspection, and re-assembly of your firearm. Handguns, rifles, and shotguns are welcome. We will discuss safety and handling when cleaning, choices in cleaning supplies, parts inspections, proper lubrication, and function testing after assembly.


US Law Shield

INPAX has partnered with U.S. LawShield® to present education in Use of Force Law. At U.S. LawShield®, their top priority is to keep you educated, informed, and empowered. Specifically designed with this purpose in mind, the educational seminars provide face-to-face experience with seasoned attorneys, firearms instructors, members of law enforcement, and experts in all areas of self-defense law. As these laws are complex and always changing, all Americans – gun owners and non-gun owners – must be sure to remain up-to-date on this important information. Ignorance of the law is not a legal defense; and unfortunately, even law-abiding gun owners can find themselves on the wrong side of the legal system. The best way to remain educated is to attend a U.S. & Texas LawShield Self-Defense Law Workshop or Seminar. Some of the topics in the seminars include:

  • Concealed Carry Laws and Interstate Travel
  • The Laws of Search, Seizure and Arrest
  • Surviving A Home Invasion
  • Surviving a Shooting
  • Firearms Simulation Training