INPAX Immersion Clinics are delivered with proven compression training techniques that teach immediate and practical skills within hours – rather than years – in ways that are engaging and fun. Classes cover comprehensive, entry-level fundamentals of handling, marksmanship, and defensive applications to active shooter response, firearm disarming and retention.

Handgun 101

Our fundamentals shooting course. This course covers firearms safety rules and how we apply them on and off the range. How to properly handle and operate your firearm in the most efficient and safe manner. And the fundamentals of marksmanship and how to become a more accurate shooter. While this class is not “defensive” shooting specific, all the techniques shown in this class carry forward to our defensive handgun curriculum by building a good foundation.


Handgun 101 LAB

This course continues the marksmanship training from Handgun 101. Less lectures and demonstrations, more shooting! RSO’s will be more involved in helping you become more proficient in shooting fundamentals and accuracy.



This class is our concealed carry tactics class that builds on the fundamentals of shooting from Handgun 101, and moves into working from a holster and from concealment. We focus on proper and safe draw strokes and re-holstering while using a cover garment. We start to work in non-standard targets, movement off the line of fire, and shot angle considerations. Malfunction types and clearing will be discussed and practiced. Discussions will include equipment selection, use of force laws, verbal challenges, and dealing with law enforcement after an act of self defense.



This class continues shooting drills from DHG2 program, allowing much more repetition of concealed carry tactics and movement. We will also focus more on 1 handed shooting, ramping up to the DHG2 Blackout course.


DHG-2 Blackout

Most attacks happen in low light or at night. This class takes our DHG 2 carry tactics class into low light applications using both weapons mounted lights and handheld flashlights. Techniques will be shown to use flashlights while searching, using cover, and threat engagement.



Engagement Tactics. This course emphasizes the complications found in the real world in a defensive engagement. We will discuss working from non-standing positions such as kneeling, prone, seated, and supine. We will discuss cover and concealment and how to effectively use it to the best of your advantage. We focus on the use of 3D targets and how threat angles affect your shot placement. We use target arrays that simulate “innocents” to expand your training and help you understand perceiving what’s around you.



A drill-focused course based on the training from our DHG-3 course. The same 3D targets are used to understand angles and shot placement.



Dynamic Tactics, close quarters fighting. This class brings discussions and drills about searching, room clearing, and working in close-quarters situations. The use of moving target systems adds some reality to real world defensive engagements. Then, we add in our blind scenario drills for you to train your mind along with your body, to employ the fundamentals learned in all the classes.


DHG4 Blackout

Building on DHG-2 Blackout, we take DHG 4 to a new level with close quarters engagement and use of cover, all in low light conditions using a flashlight. One handed firearm manipulation techniques will also be discussed.



Where the rubber meets the road. This is a scenario based class to allow you to “solve a problem” with the skills learned in our DHG series cirruculum. No walk thru’s, no hints. This class will help you train your mind to handle the stress of a gunfight. Techniques of using cover, target identification, shoot/no shoots, movment, and tactics will all be tested while under the advisement of an instructor/RSO. We will debrief between courses to allow client-instructor discussions to address tactics, techniques, and decisions. This class will prepare you for the ultimate training; force-on-force scenario training with Simunitions!