Train the Body and the Mind will Follow.

From armed attackers to advanced defensive firearm handling and marksmanship, Mastery courses are designed and taught by elite professionals with age-appropriate programming available for adults, teens and youth. This ongoing, progressive development program hard-wires the skills necessary to manage even the most complex scenarios.

Firearms Mastery – Level 1

This ongoing curriculum will focus on the fundamentals of marksmanship, accuracy, speed, timing, and excellence of mechanics. Whether new to shooting or looking to refine your skills, everyone should spend some quality time in mastering the fundamentals.


Firearms Mastery – Level 2

Level 2 shifts our focus from fundamentals of marksmanship to holster use, conceal carry tactics, multiple targets, shoot/no-shoot decision making, introduction to low-light tactics, introduction to use of cover and concealment, and introduction to shooting with movement.


Firearms Mastery – Level 3

Firearms Mastery Level 3 will take your skills and tactics to all new heights! The ongoing curriculum takes you through advanced low light tactics, shooting and moving, movement with a team or family, moving through rooms and unknown spaces, unique and dynamic scenario training and decision making.