One Body. One Life.

Designed exclusively by our own military veterans, first responders and certified personal trainers, Functional Fitness training delivers fun, effective and natural ways to improve strength, mobility, and body composition. We incorporate stamina exercises and old-school training tools such as sandbags, kettle bells and medicine balls.

All Functional Fitness participants receive a Performance Mobility Assessment (PMA) – at no additional cost – enabling our trainers to customize a portion of the workout to maximize physical results and reduce the risk of injuries. The results of the PMA are used to create personalized, focused warm-up and at-home routines for each participant with 24/7 access via our digital platform.

One-hour guided workout sessions offer scalable tolerances that fit a wide range of abilities, suitable for almost any age. Daily full-body workouts vary slightly to provide balance across core muscle groups, and include warm up, cool down, strength, agility and mobility.

Fitness Foundations

During the Fitness Foundations class, you will learn the fundamentals of safe movement, to include:

  • A proprietary Performance Movement Assessment to determine any areas of risk through various ranges of motion during performance.
  • Breathing and bracing to protect your body during loaded and unloaded movements.
  • Fundamentals of pure movement, to include bodyweight squats, proper stability through the plank, push up, supine bodyweight row, and form for the “Concept 2 Rower”.
  • Fundamentals of key kettlebell and barbell movements, such as the Deadlift, Clean, squat, press, and Kettlebell Swing.
  • Proper skill and use of facility equipment. Miss a class? just jump in on the next cycle.
  • Each Foundations session is finished off with a short Workout of the Day to put to practice the skills learned in that session.
  • The Fitness Foundations courses are broken down into 6 sessions, 2 sessions per week repeating cyclically every 3 weeks.
  • You can “test out” of the Fitness Foundations class if you can demonstrate competence of movement in each skill without any coaching or prompting.



Body Armor – Strength and Power

Body Armor represents INPAX’s Strength and Power programming. This is designed to make you as strong as an ox, building power and strength through the periodized development of time-tested barbell movements (deadlift, squat, overhead press, bench press, power cleans) and balanced with complimentary accessory and skill movements and odd objects. It is balanced with complimentary accessory and skill movements using bands and lighter weight/high rep scheme to build supporting muscles for durability, longevity and an added shield


Boot Camp – “High Speed, Low Drag”

The Boot Camp course is a stamina-focused program designed to put you through your paces with your bodyweight, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, bands or light-to-moderate basic barbell work. Constantly varied and adaptable to all levels or limitations. You want to build lungs, muscular endurance and stamina, and get your “cardio” fix? This is it!


American Badass – High Intensity Strength and Stamina

The American Badass course will blend heavier lifting, high intensity movements and skill development to give you a combined “Strength and Stamina” session in 1 hour. For those not intimidated by the extra push and want the challenge. Heavier weight is relative and adaptable. Everyone can chart their own course and push to their individual limits. This course will push you hard and leave you feeling like an absolute badass at the end of the day!!


Heels and Steel – Women’s Only Fitness

Women Only! Our female instructors are going to meet you where you are, push your limits with kettlebells, sandbags, bodyweight and calisthenics, and light-to-moderate barbell work in an environment of empowerment with fellow women warriors!


Youth Fitness, Age 6-12

What is the difference in Play and Training? Many believe that children shouldn’t “work out,” however, our kids are running hard all day, climbing the jungle gyms, swimming at the pool, climbing trees, helping unload groceries, wrestling and rough housing. Our Proving Grounds youth training teaches our young HOW to move with biomechanical excellence and safety, build their self-confidence and challenge them in age appropriate movements with alot of fun and teamwork thrown in. Childhood obesity is at an ALL TIME HIGH and studies have shown that, on average, a girl’s self-esteem peaks at around 9 years old and takes a nose-dive thereafter, prone to set a precedence for self-image thereafter until they are in their mid-30’s. Lavishing unearned praise Let’s fight the statistics, break the molds, and set up our children for success in life. Let’s get them in here to play, have fun, and build a healthy, strong child and teach them that they, too, can Live With Confidence!


Teen Fitness, Ages 13-16

The Agoge was the training of Spartans between the ages of 7 and 21; it represented the transition from Boy to Man. Our children in the ages of 13-16 are going through some of the biggest changes of their lives, they are beginning to develop musculature, and are beginning to build habits that will be persistent with them through their lives, and you can help influence what those habits will be. Physical training builds mental resilience, accountability, a healthy self-respect, and a strong, confident, chassis for life.


Combat Yoga

Not your everyday yoga session! How did the Spartans prepare for war, combat, and hard life? How did they sustain their mobility and athleticism in harsh conditions amidst relentless work? We believe that a big part of their lifestyle was a type of yogic movement regimen. Spartan Yoga will give you mobility, elasticity, durability, body control, balance, coordination, stability, and acts as a great rehab/pre-hab to complement our other training sessions to keep you moving strong for life.


Open Gym

Guided practice in the Fitness area. Coaches will be present to watch for safety, form, and provide guidance as appropriate. Do you want to work on the skill of movement, build strength, or just get after it? This is YOUR time!v