James Ashbaucher Director of Training
James Ashbaucher is the Director of Training at INPAX Academy and has been a member of the INPAX team since 2012. James has been in the profession of protecting others and teaching them how to protect themselves and those they love since 2001. James spent a combined 16 years as a professional first responder (Military, Law enforcement, Professional Fire Fighter/EMT) and is a Combat Veteran of the US Marine Corps, where he served six years Active Duty. As a Marine, he was a K9 Handler/Trainer and later deployed as a Security Commander, leading a squad of Marines to provide security to the EOD teams and convoys in and around Fallujah, Iraq. James began teaching professionally in the US Marine Corps and has continued his passion since. James’ professional drive, however, is not simply “training the warriors to be better warriors,” but rather helping everyone find within themselves the inner strength and mindset of confident readiness, “inner-badassery,” that lies just beneath the surface. James’ personal passions outside of INPAX include multi-day backpacking and hiking over challenging terrain, outdoors survival, rock climbing, and completing adventure/obstacle races, and all of these activities are best enjoyed with his family at his side! James leads and works with an incredible team of professional instructors, each of whom have a single goal – to create a safer, more confident community through the delivery of an unparalleled training experience.