Katie (Cubby) Maloney Fitness and Defensive Tactics Instructor
Katie (Cubby) Maloney is the Fitness and Defensive Tactics Instructor at INPAX Academy. Since she was a little girl, Katie has always had a passion for helping others find their inner warriors - whether it was through teaching a fitness class or just being there to listen and offer encouragement and support. When she was introduced to INPAX, Katie knew she found the perfect place that combined her love for fitness, self-defense and community. Originally from Chicago, Katie is a huge Cubs fan - hence the nickname "Cubby." Katie moved to Pittsburgh to attend Chatham University and ended up loving the Steel City so much that she stayed after graduation. You may even see her wearing a Pirates hat - but only when the Cubs aren't in town. When she's not at INPAX, Katie loves acting and improv. She has been involved with many of the local productions, including Outsiders and Mindhunter, and even landed her first lead role in a feature film last year. Whether it's through a new acting role, workout, or defensive tactics class, Katie loves taking on new challenges. She is excited to be a part of the INPAX family and is looking forward to growing with all of the company’s community members.