Kevin Mullen General Manager
Kevin Mullen is the General Manager at INPAX Academy. Kevin graduated from Duquesne University in with a dual major in Accounting and Finance. A few years after, he successfully completed Duquesne University’s MBA program. Kevin was a management consultant for the automotive industry for 10 years, specializing in dealership efficiencies and process control. He traveled around the country establishing “best practices” for large dealer groups to standardize processes amongst all stores. When the years of traveling became tiresome, he entered the world of automotive retail for a large dealer group in Pittsburgh and spent 14 years as Vice President of Operations and 14 more years managing a Lexus and Bentley dealership. He then opened a full-service advertising agency that specialized in digital marketing and traditional advertising. The advertising world was very rewarding, but when the opportunity became available to join the INPAX team, he jumped aboard. Kevin is married to his beautiful wife Jeannine and has four wonderful children: Brendan, Meredith, Leelah, and Adam. In his spare time, he golfs, scuba dives, and spends as much time with his family as possible. He also spends a lot of time with Finn McCool, his wolfhound and Gigi, his miniature Chihuahua. Kevin is excited to start his next chapter with an organization that truly believes in empowering people to protect themselves and their loved ones. He said that INPAX offers the finest training in the industry and looks forward to working with this talented and passionate team.