Mike Rodriguez Defensive Tactics Instructor
Mike Rodriguez is the Defensive Tactics Instructor at INPAX Academy. Native to Pittsburgh, he has practiced martial arts since 1994, specializing in Filipino Martial Arts and Jun Fan/Jeet Kun Do. An original member of INPAX, Mike began his career in 2005 as an intern and earned his Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification in 2007. INPAX has taught him all the things that traditional or competitive martial arts could not and has allowed him to have a positive effect on so many lives. Previous to his work with INPAX, Mike worked as a Direct Support Professional, taking care of profound mentally handicapped individuals with great physical disabilities. His naturally caring nature and patience allows him to excel as an instructor. As he has countless times in the past, he continues to help those who have been victims of bullying, physical violence and sexual assault, and continues to change the lives of those who have issues with low self-esteem.