Rhianna Trout Sales Associate and Range Safety Officer
Rhianna Trout is a Sales Associate and Range Safety Officer for INPAX Academy. She has had retail customer service experience dating to 2003 and is a certified NRA Range Safety Officer. Her shooting experience began in 1985 when she was eight years old, when she began shooting and spotting for her dad. She became an accomplished spotter for IHMSA and an active participant in IHMSA shooting events between 1985-1995. She has experience working in numerous local, state and regional matches. She has been a skilled USPSA competitor and USPSA Range Officer since 2000. She became a USPSA Match Director and has participated as a USPSA Range Officer at the USPSA Nationals. Rhianna’s most recent experience in shooting is her participation in ARA Bench Rest competitions. She is once again competing and facilitating as an Assistant Match Director for her dad.