The Ultimate Shooting Experience

Whether you are new to firearms, an ethusiast wanting to greatly improve your marksmanship, or and experienced shooter seeking a private, safe, and climate-controlled experience, the INPAX range was designed with you in mind. 



With a full spectrum of firearms activities and world-class instruction, INPAX offers excitement and training for virtually every skill level and age. From bulletproof and generously sized semi-private shooting stalls, to its state-of-the-art air filtration system, the INPAX Range offers an unparalleled shooting destination.

  • 24 climate controlled, indoor pistol and rifle firing range
  • Electronic, automated target carriers, from 1 to 25 yards
  • 180° tactical defensive firearms training bay
  • World-Class Instructors
  • Adult and Youth Safety Training

Range Memberships Available

  • Preferred Range Reservation Privileges
  • Complimentary Guest Passes
  • U.S. Law Shield Membership (optional)
  • Special Pro Shop Discounts 
  • Defensive Firearms Training

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Safety-engineered and designed to be a leading facility of its kind in the United States, the INPAX range is an "impenetrable box" with total bulletproof containment, generously sized shooting stalls and an unparalleled semi-private shooting experience.

Our range air filtration system is designed with hospital clean room-grade technology that provides continuous 100% fresh airflow to ensure our members and guests enjoy the cleanest, safest indoor shooting environment. In addition, our air filtration system exceeds all regulatory requirements meaning the air leaving our facility is essentially cleaner than the air coming in.


Permitted Firearms

Even though our range is built to handle a .50 BMG, hand guns and rifles are permitted up to .308 caliber. For safety purposes, tracer, armor piercing, incendiary, steel core or other specialty ammunition is prohibited.

Age Requirements

The minimum age to use the range is 12 with parental supervision required. Exceptions may be made for members with kids under 12 to use certain long guns. Some pre-training is required to demonstrate they are physically and psychologically ready to handle firearms responsibly. Youth firearms training will be offered to ensure all kids 12 and older are capable of safely handling live firearms.

Firearms Training

INPAX specializes in firearms education and training for beginners to mastery level. See Academy for details.

Gun Rentals, Cleaning & Gun Storage

INPAX offers expert outfitting for firearms, ammunition, holsters, safe storage and other related accessories. We specialize in providing the right firearms products for home, car and carry needs.

Understanding Gun Free School Zones
Like many firearm retailers, ranges and sportsmen's clubs, INPAX is in close proximity to a School Zone. School Zones are defined by federal law as being within 1,000 feet from the grounds of a public, parochial, or private school.

As our mission centers on safety education, we want to take this opportunity to ensure you know what this law means to you, so you can ensure compliance, and understand "best practice" with regards to responsible firearm ownership.

Here's what you need to know:

If you possess a valid Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms you are good to go, and may keep firearms holstered or cased.

Otherwise - all firearms, including silencers, must be unloaded and stored in a locked container.

You can read the full ATF notice HERE.

Keeping firearms unloaded and stored in a locked container not only assures compliance with the law when near a school (which you may not even be aware of), it is one of the best ways to ensure firearm safety.

To learn more about best practices for responsible firearms ownership and the laws surrounding firearms and the use of force - check out our training calendar, stop by or just give us a call!

Thank you for helping us build a safer community!
Permitted & prohibited person for possessing firearms and ammunition
If you are here from another country, you must meet certain criteria to be considered a "permitted person" as dictated by federal law to be able to shoot at INPAX.
READ THIS DOCUMENT: ATF Non-Immigrant Alien Policy



Range and Retail Prop Shop (Main Entrance)

10:00am – 9:00pm Monday – Saturday

10:00am – 6:00pm Sunday








McCandless Crossing

900 Providence Blvd. Suite 101

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